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Postcode checker

Download the postcode checker.

Postcode checker (XLSX)

Size: 165.69 KB


Please download maps for further information on superfast broadband.

Basic broadband intervention map (PDF)

Size: 5.44 MB

Delivery plan map (PDF)

Size: 5.61 MB

Superfast Telford Infographic

Have a look at our infographic and find out more about the Superfast Telford Broadband Programme

Superfast Telford Infographic (PDF)

Size: 589.03 KB

Better Broadband Scheme Guide

Better Broadband Scheme Guide.

Better Broadband Scheme Guide (PDF)

Size: 279.33 KB

Spring 17/18 Newsletter

Superfast Telford's Spring 17/18 Newsletter

Spring 17/18 Superfast Newsletter (PDF)

Size: 616.7 KB