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Fibre For You

Getting Superfast Broadband in your home or business

Superfast Telford is providing the infrastructure for fibre broadband across the borough of Telford and Wrekin, the latest advancement in broadband technology, which promises super-fast speeds enabling both businesses and residents to be better connected. 

Whether you are a business or a resident in Telford & Wrekin here are five reasons why you need Superfast Broadband in your life:

  1. A more harmonious and happy home or business - use multiple devices to access the internet simultaneously including smart TVs, mobiles, iPads, tablets, Kindles, desktop PCs and game consoles.
  2. Enjoy a better work-life balance - work from home more easily thanks to faster download and upload speeds. Access central systems and connect with customers and colleagues from all over the world.
  3. Get through your list of things to do quicker - enjoy faster web-browsing whether you are at home or at work, online shopping, paying your council tax or catching up with colleagues.
  4. Be entertained - stream content from film, music and TV streaming sites at your leisure and play video games that need an internet connection.
  5. Learn something new - whether training at work or learning at home, better speeds count.

Find out if fibre broadband is already in your area or what’s planned.

If you’re a business looking to upgrade to fibre broadband, you may find Ofcom’s advice for business before you get started useful.

If you’re a resident or business which is not yet live or not benefitting from the programme, you may find the information in the links below helpful:-

Increase Broadband Speed

BT’s help on how you can increase your speeds

You can also speak to your internet service provider for help and support.